War games make spying fun

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The wartime spy thriller 39 Steps opens at the Waterside next month, featuring four actors playing 139 characters.

The 100-minute Olivier and Tony Award-winning production, based on John Buchan’s 1914 tale, is known for its mix of stiff upper lip, British gung-ho and beautiful women.

Richard Ede, who plays the handsome hero Richard Hannay, jokes: “It is challenging for the other guys, but I’m lucky, I’m the only one that only has one costume all the way through!

“The others are often scrambling around backstage desperately trying to get into their say 17th costume.

“But I’m on stage throughout the whole thing, expect for about six minutes.

“I do have to put on a hat, but it’s the other guys that have the hard work.”

Richard admits he was lucky to land the part, after spending time as the understudy in the West End version.

“Our leading chap got ill which I guess was good for me but bad for him,” he reflects.

The actor believes part of the show’s success is down to the way director Maria Aitken stays true to the classic 1935 Hitchcock movie version.

He said: “From my experience it’s a great show and a great adventure story, that’s the central part that drives it.

“I think the comedy is almost incidental in some ways, although of course it’s important.”

The actor, who has never appeared in Aylesbury before, said: “I enjoy it, being on the road, it’s a great way to see the country and even the world.

“It’s my first tour in the UK for some time, my last one lasted six years and took me around the world.

“Being an actor I think I’m very privileged to get to tour around and see new places.”

The show runs at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from Monday February 18 to Saturday February 23.

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