Take That star Gary Barlow stuns wedding party

Gary Barlow sings to bride and groom Louise and Mark Francis (credit: Nigel Harper)

Gary Barlow sings to bride and groom Louise and Mark Francis (credit: Nigel Harper)

A Take That superfan had a huge shock when Gary Barlow turned up to her wedding and sang A Million Love Songs.

The star attended the wedding of Aylesbury couple Louise and Mark Francis after a year long Twitter campaign.

Bridesmaid Emily Alcorn tweeted the singer every day asking him to attend her friend’s wedding, as Louise has loved the band since she was six-years-old.

The campaign gained momentum across the world with other fans tweeting pictures of themselves using the hashtag #getgary2louswedding.

Footage of Gary attending the reception at Nether Winchendon House was seen in When Corden Met Barlow on the BBC on Monday.

Bridegroom Mark,28,who works at Bucks County Council, said: “It was amazing to watch it back. We knew about the campaign and never expected him to come, we thought he might tweet his congratulations.”

The couple were dancing with their backs to the door when Gary entered the room singing A Million Love Songs.

Mark said:“I turned around and thought he was a really good lookalike then I realised he was actually singing the song and it was him. I had quite a lot of mates there and they were squealing when he came in, they were all won over, I saw a couple of tears in their eyes.

“It was Louise’s moment, she’s loved Gary since she was little, but he was a very nice bloke and I definitely enjoyed it as much as Louise. I couldn’t think of a better end to the day.”

Louise, 27, who works as a business development director in Haddenham, went to her first Take That concert in 1995 and since the band reformed she has been to every tour.

She said: “Words can’t explain how I felt when I turned around and Gary was singing A Million Love Songs to me. He was so nice, such a gentleman, so humble. I absolutely love Emily and can’t believe she did this out of the kindness of her heart.”

Wedding photographer Nigel Harper was not told Gary was coming but still mananged to brilliantly capture the moment.




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