Pupils have ‘amoosing’ visit from May the cow

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It’s not every day that you get to meet a cow – let alone spend your school day with one.

But children at Bedgrove Infant School did just that on Tuesday when May the British Holstein x Angus joined them for a day of lessons.

The visit, which was for all year groups, was part of the school’s Bread And Butter Project, and pupils are learning all about where their food come from by making it themselves.

Year one head Daphne McKay, who has lead the project said: “The children are going to milk May later in the year as part of the project, and Liam the farmer told them all about her.

“With most cows you wouldn’t be able to get that close with a child, but Liam had trained her up and some of the children were even able to see her be milked.

“This is the first time we have done anthing like this as a school. We do a lot of 
outside learning and rather than just telling the children where bread and milk comes from why not show them how to actually make it.

“It was an amazing day, and we are really excited that the children can see these things up close.”

This week the children have sown wheat, which when it grows will be ground up for flour to make their own bread.

Then May the cow will 
return to school later in the year, and her milk will be used to make butter to go with the bread.

The project is in conjunction with Stoke Mandeville-based Creature Curriculum.

The firm is led by farmer Liam Moore who travels round schools with livestock to teach the children about the natural world and farming.

Daphne added: “All of the children got to meet her, and Liam was brilliant at explaining about her.

“It’s great that they now know who is coming to see them next month.

“It’s brilliant that the 
children were able to get so close to the cow, I don’t 
remember doing anything like this when I was at school.”

Liam said: “May pays many visits to schools where we do milk demonstrations where children learn how to make butter.

“The whole idea at Bedgrove is that the children will know about where bread and butter comes from with nothing left to their imaginations.”

To find out more visit www.creaturecurriculum.co.uk




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