Notes from St Tiggywinkles: Radio station mixes it up with Olly the Owl

Les Stocker with the Mix 96 crew and, below, with Olly the owl

Les Stocker with the Mix 96 crew and, below, with Olly the owl

  • by Les Stocker, founder of St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

I haven’t been up so early for a long time.

The clocks have just gone forward to BST, it’s still dark and there is a radio studio taking over one of our offices.

No, not Tiggy’s Radio but our good friends Mix 96.

I’m still bleary eyed as I face Darren and Katy bright, as buttons, for their regular early morning spot.

They are so awake I quickly retreat from the hubbub to the teapot, the third time this morning.A quick look at the overnight casualty list reveals an orphaned baby tawny owl.

Olly is unphased by anybody around as I carry him to the office.

A great delaying tactic allowing me more tea to fully wake me up for my first interview of the day.It almost worked but I was a little bit late so Head Nurse Clare was press-ganged into that first encounter with Katy’s microphone.

I drank more tea.

Olly, sitting on a desk, looked on totally disinterested, even falling asleep as though he couldn’t care less even when Darren rechristened him ‘Olly Murs’.

Time for my interview.

Our friends at Mix 96 do make it pleasant being interviewed, even that early in the morning.

Olly Murs was still asleep.

Mix 96 has made Tiggywinkles their Charity of the Year with this outside broadcast launching their campaign for the next twelve months.

It is great to have so much local involvement in the work we do and to have the opportunity to raise the awareness of our work.

Olly Murs is not even interested.

I knew another orphan might delay my next interview.

This time a cute baby blackbird open-mouthed as our Katy fed him a liquid constitution called Tropican, a mix of dried insects.

I don’t think after that I could face any breakfast.




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