Could you adopt Brewster?

Call Blue Cross Lewknor on 0300 777 1500

Call Blue Cross Lewknor on 0300 777 1500

Brewster the cat has millions of cuddles for you!

This affectionate moggy enjoys a fuss and loves to sit on a nice warm lap.

Brewster is a sun worshipper and his new home must have a garden that he can potter about in.

Blue Cross staff say that anyone who takes him on will need som e experience of owning cats, as this puss does have a cheeky side!

Brewster would need to be the only pet in the house.

Or could you give a home to lurcher Chief?

This big softie is sucha happy dog, and loves being around people.

If you could adopt either Brewster or Chief call 0300 777 1500




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