Console Corner: WWE 2K18 review

Graphics are awesome as you can see with this modelling of Dave Batista
Graphics are awesome as you can see with this modelling of Dave Batista

Gargantuan and addictive.

WWE 2K18 has received mixed reviews across the board but I make no apologies for saying from the outset... I like it, in fact I’m addicted.

The first thing fans of the series will notice is the huge step up in graphics which are supreme and really adds to the experience.

Then there is the simply garganntuan roster of stars from various eras of wrestling. If you thought the roster on Marvel vs Capcom Infinity was impressive wait until you see this... there are (wait for it) 187 wrestlers to choose from including Wow.

If that isn’t enough the creation suite is so detailed it probably takes the top title for that too,

Road to Glory adds a purposeful spin to competitive multiplayer which is one of the game’s crowning achievements in my opinion.

But it’s not all about quantity and WWE 2K18 is far from perfect - although it is nowhere near as mediocre as some reviews have painted it to be.

Glitches are a pain but these should be ironed out with patches so we can park that issue.

MyCareer is pretty woeful and the script and dialogue is cringeworthy.

Loot boxes have received a mixed reception too and while their use is quite restricted they do add a fun element.

The core of any fight game, particularly wrestling - though is the gameplay and that is where WWE 2K18 excels.

Perhaps you could argue too much of the game was set aside for the awful MyCareer mode - or perhaps not enough time/care was put into making it a success.

There is nothing quite like getting into an eight-player match and with the endless roster this year’s game has plenty to keep casual gamers going.

It is the hardcore fans of the series which may be a tad more disappointed but even they will be clotheslined by the awesome graphics but perhaps put to sleep by the career flop.