Wild Willy’s Sleeping Dogz to perform at Aylesbury Limelight Theatre

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WITH The X Factor dominating our TV screens this autumn, and manufactured pop stars struggling to get through their next melodramatic breakdown, the Limelight Theatre offers welcome relief from the shallow musical performances our children have become so used to.

Sleeping Dogz, fronted by Wild Willy Barrett, best known for his partnership with Aylesbury’s John Otway, aren’t your everyday musical act.

They offer up a heady concoction of quirky anecdotes, intelligent song writing and show-stopping instrumentalism.

Making it big in the 70s alongside Otway, Wild Willy shows what perseverance and love for your craft can produce in shows which have blown audiences away with their displays of exceptional musicianship.

Whilst the pop stars of today are here today, and gone tomorrow, rarely coping with their fifteen minutes of fame, veterans such as the musicians in Sleeping Dogz have enjoyed a gigging career which has lasted over 40 years.

Revelling in their live performances and making sure they put on a rip-roaringly good show – this is what real music is all about.

Barratt leads the show with his off the wall sense of humour and ability to slip between blues, jazz, rock and folk, while barely glancing at the fretboard of his guitar.

Mary Holland’s beautiful singing and turns on the cello and keyboard feed into her band mates’ banter and playing and John Devine dexterously moves between the flute, uilleann pipes and his own keyboard, as well as percussion instruments.

You won’t see such unassuming musical brilliance on The X Factor this weekend, and you most certainly won’t hear it in the charts.

With the Limelight playing host to award-winning folk, blues and rock artists throughout the year, make sure you book your ticket to see some of the best live musicians on the circuit at the minute.

An intimate venue, friendly staff and the theatre bar make a night out at the Limelight Theatre well worth the money.

Sleeping Dogz will perform at the Limelight on Friday, October 14, at 8pm.

Tickets cost £12 full price, £10 for concessions, from www.qpc.org or on 01296 431272.