Console Corner: Battleborn review

Battleborn is cool and original
Battleborn is cool and original

Cool, original, quirky and fun but Battleborn just falls short.

2K’s Battleborn launched this week and reviewers have been struggling to figure out exactly how they feel about it.

The backdrop to the story is that every species fled to a star known as Solus after a disastrous event destroyed most other planets and stars in the universe.

These species are divided into different factions upon their arrivals, and eventually they united and cooperate with each other by sending out the best fighters, who are labelled as battleborn, to fight against Varelsi, the origin of the catastrophe.

From the outset I feel I must say that overall Battleborn is a brave game with some very bold ideas.

I loved the way Battleborn looks, the graphics and the controls - even if combat is a tad tricky to master. In fact the complexity of the combat actually has you wanting more.

I predicted in this column pre-launch that the mini-map may be a gamers’ best friend in Battleborn given Gearbox Interactive’s decision to make this a first rather than third-person shooter thus narrowing your field of vision in a chaotic landscape.

While that is not entirely true, there are elements where you find yourself staring at it for a touch too long.

The missions are fun and pretty hilarious at times and the whole concept and design is utterly unique.

But it is spoiled by the painful length of matches and leaves you asking why are they so long...

Perhaps this is something that can be fixed with a patch because it is a big issue.

A wider variety of maps - again something which could be addressed with DLC or updates - would also help keep gamers’ interest. At the moment there are not enough.

Having to relevel your Battleborn every match also becomes very painful, very quickly.

The humour and animated cut scenes are right up with some of the best in gaming, it’s just a shame there aren’t even more of them.

That said there is plenty of good about Battleborn and it is still a worthy and original addition to the next gen shooter roster.

But I can’t help feel that this game’s saving grace long-term will be DLC and updates to smooth off some of the awkward edges.

Rating: 7.5/10