Blues and rock chick Chantel on at the Limelight

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HAVING owned her own guitar from the age of three, there was no doubt Chantel McGregor was going to take up a career in music.

Honing her craft at a jam session at Melborn Hotel in Bradford, Chantel’s record label told her to change styles, because “girls don’t play guitar like that”.

Certain it was blues and rock that she wanted to play Chantel refused to change her style, and her perseverance and determination have certainly paid off, when she was announced as Young Artist of the Year at the British Blues Awards 2011.

Her debut album, Like No Other, has demonstrated her impressive singer-songwriting skills, with the style ranging from blues and hard rock to gentle acoustic tracks and pop-rock tunes.

The track, Help Me, has been included on a Universal compilation album called 100 Years of The Blues.

Chantel McGregor is performing at Aylesbury’s Limelight Theatre on Friday, October 21, from 8pm.