Producer hoping for roaring success in Ice Age documentary

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This sabre toothed tiger is just one Ice Age animal recreated in a BBC documentary masterminded by a Thame woman.

Mags Lightbody (pictured below), 38, is the assistant producer of the three-part series, Ice Age Giants, set to hit TV screens on Sunday.

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CGI experts and some of the best wildlife photographers have joined forces to create the Walking With Dinosaurs-style programme.

Ms Lightbody said: “It’s been enormously rewarding. For me it’s been two years of my life and it’s the first time I’ve done a CGI show. It’s absolutely fascinating.”

The show, presented by Dr Alice Roberts, recreates the likes of a sabre toothed tiger and woolly mammoth. It explores how they acted and what brought about the Ice Age.

The producer, who has lived in Thame for six years, said describing her average working day was practically impossible.

Among the many things she has to organise are the locations around the world they use for filming, researching, interviewing scientists and transporting equipment.

“Because I’m a bit of a square, one of the most rewarding things for me is the science of it all,” she said.

“A lot of my time is spent on Skype to scientists around the world talking about their research and work.”

A biology graduate and field scientist, Ms Lightbody got her production experience with Oxford Scientific Films and since then has never looked back.

She added: “I was looking for a job that would pay for me to go around the world and look at animals.

“If I’m happy to sleep in a tent for six months in Africa I should be able to do it. That was my point of view.

“Without a doubt it’s the best job in the world and I’m very privileged to go where I go and have such wonderful times.”

But despite travelling to America, Africa and all over the world for her work Ms Lightbody admits she does get homesick.

She added: “I love being home, you try to avoid going anywhere. I miss cosy afternoons at home. It takes being away to know how lucky you are.”

The first Ice Age Giants episode is on BBC Two this Sunday at 8pm.