SPORTS COLUMN: Make your sporting resolutions become reality

Crispin Andrews
Crispin Andrews

So, what’s your sporting New Year’s resolution?

Whatever it is, don’t just think of it, and then give up at the first sign of a problem.

Take the steps that will actually make your thoughts, and your New Year’s resolution, come to life.

First, write down what you want, using positive words, only. ‘I will find a team that appreciates my talents,’ ‘I will reach my ideal weight’.

Affirm this to yourself, every morning and every night before bed.

Make a vision board. Place on the board, pictures, symbols, images and words that you associate with your goal. Keep it private, though.

The worst thing that can happen, is that someone sees what you are trying to create for yourself, makes fun of you, and undermines your belief in what you are trying to do, or worse still, in yourself. Then the ego will kick in, with all its negative associations.

‘You’ll never find another team, you’re too lazy.’ ‘You won’t start playing again, you’re not fit enough.’ ‘You won’t lose any weight, you like pies too much’.

Tell your ego to mind its own business.

Focus your intent on what you want to achieve for yourself. Never mind what others think.

This is about you and your dreams.

Achieving your goal requires you to clear out your mental and emotional clutter, to remove the subconscious barriers.

Our subconscious thoughts and feelings constantly go out to the universe.

Deliberately or inadvertently, negatives can sabotage your dreams. You might feel unworthy, or that everything always goes wrong for you. You might think you don’t deserve it.

Sit quietly, eyes closed. Visualise yourself breathing in positive golden energy and blowing out negative, black, energy.

Visualise a fire burning and yourself throwing all the negative thoughts to it. Watch the fire burn away to clear the negatives.

Or write down all the negatives and objections on a piece of paper.

Then, don’t read them to yourself, just screw the paper up and throw it away.

Visualise what you want: Take 20 minutes of quiet, alone time, each day. Lock yourself away. Don’t answer the phone, or the door. This is time just for you and your New Year’s ambition.

Feeling deeply relaxed; imagine what you’re aiming for, exactly as you would like it.

If an object, imagine yourself using it, admiring it, enjoying it, showing it to your friends.

If it’s an event or situation, imagine yourself there and everything happening just as you’d like it.

It’s no different to when you were a kid and you day dreamed about what you wanted for your birthday.

The more you imagine, the finer the detail, the better.