Whizzkid grabs a place at the Euro finals

Oakley star James DeHavillande
Oakley star James DeHavillande
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OAKLEY karting ace James DeHavillande had to dodge flying bodywork as he fought to win his place in the European grand finals last weekend.

He came sixth in a field of 34 drivers and is now set to compete in the European Championships in July.

His latest triumph came in the CIK FIA Northern European Championship Qualifier at the Pfi circuit near Newark

During the practice sessions on Thursday and Friday morning, DeHavillande had consistently been within two 10ths of a second off the fastest lap times, which looked promising for the official timed qualifying sessions.

After a very warm day, the sun finally went into hiding just before the start of the timed qualifying sessions and the track had cooled considerably by the time DeHavillande took to his kart.

Although he finished in the top 10 of his group, the slower tack conditions put him in 45th place overall and this meant starting midway down the grid for all his qualifying heats.

Despite this disadvantage and having to dodge some flying bodywork, DeHavillande put in good consistent races but just missed out on finishing in the top 34 drivers who were guaranteed a place in the Grand Finals.

He then had to compete in two more races where he finished sixth overall to book a place at the coveted finals in Zuura – much to the delight of his team.