Unassuming uni student is hiding a fearsome talent

Helen Tamlyn with her coach Wayne Kong-Gardiner     PHOTO: RJCphotos
Helen Tamlyn with her coach Wayne Kong-Gardiner PHOTO: RJCphotos

Aylesbury girl Helen Tamlyn is described as a humble, unassuming, friendly and intelligent university student.

But what many people don’t know is that Tamlyn possesses a fearsome talent for fighting which has earned her the nickname ‘The Engine’.

The former Aylesbury High School pupil, now studying at the University of Portsmouth, is a 63kg female boxer and has just broken a record with a fourth medal in three years.

She started her boxing career when she joined the university and after just one season had already punched her way through three bouts and a National final.

Three seasons into her career, Tamlyn has just smashed her club’s record medal tally by securing another gong at Alexandra Palace in London.

She was fighting Stockholm boxer Ebdon in the finals of the class B category of the Haringey International Box Cup.

After a pulsating bout Tamlyn was forced to settle for a silver medal but she won a lot of friends for her effort and the heart she showed for a fight.

Tamlyn’s coach Wayne Kong-Gardiner said she is one of a kind.

“I have coached many boxers in my time and some were better than Helen and some were not, but in all the boxers I have ever coached, I am finding it hard to remember one that has heart and determination like Helen,” he said.

“Not only does she train like a demon, she studies hard achieving great results in her degree – she is now doing a masters and has been president of two clubs whilst at university, receiving full colours in the process.

“Helen is the kind of boxer you wish all your boxers were, she listens, she learns and she never ever quits.

“If you beat her in the first round – she will be there for the second – if you beat her in the second – she will come back harder in the third –and if you beat her in the third round, you better hope its only a third round bout.

“I am proud and thankful that I coach Helen.”

Helen has also qualified as a boxing coach and will now be looking to pass on her knowledge and love for the sport.

“Any boxer would be lucky to have her in their corner,” Kong-Gardiner added.