Turville tee off their annual T-Pot Tour

Some of the Weston Turville T-Pot Tour squad
Some of the Weston Turville T-Pot Tour squad

The annual Weston Turville T-Pot Golf Tour got underway at Hawkstone Park Golf Club with 24 players about to experience a marathon of golf over five days.

How they fared depended on how their golf swings stood up in the face of keen competition, seven rounds of golf, alcohol intake and for some a weekend of sleep deprivation.

The tour party was split into two teams captained by Adrian Steele and Clayton Barlow in a Ryder Cup style match-play format.

The players also played an individual stableford competition mainly for bragging rights. At the end of the first day Steele took a two match advantage, and with rain forecasted for the weekend some players drowned their sorrows following their dismal performance.

After four days of competitive golf, Steele only had to secure one victory in the final six matches to claim the honours, however five of his matches went to team Barlow, and the result came down to a hotly contested match which went to the final hole all square.

Firing into the final green Saggers and Flecknell were disappointed with their second shots, however Gofton hit what he later described as a pure strike as his ball arrowed into the green to nestle eight feet from the pin, and after two putts won the team competition for team Steele.

John Coenen proved to be the most consistent player during the weekend and Dave Bentham was unbeaten in all his match-play contests.

However, the weather behaved itself and in the end a very tired tour party returned home knowing that there was 51 weeks before it would all start again.