Trio of MMA champions for ‘buzzing’ town gym

The McLeod Academy team
The McLeod Academy team

Aylesbury’s McLeod Academy MMA gym are toasting a trio of champions after the finals of the UKMMA League.

The amateur Mixed Martial Arts league is spread over the course of a year with four rounds in a season and each fighter having two bouts per round.

MMA mixes kickboxing styles with wrestling styles with the most popular series being the UFC.

In the UKMMA League, kicks, knees, elbow and punches are allowed to the body and legs and submission techniques are allowed but there are no head shots at amateur level.

Over the course of the season McLeod Academy had 13 fighters enter, some for just a few rounds and others who entered all rounds. There were 48 fights with an impressive 21 wins, 22 draws and only five defeats.

And in the final round the Academy saw three of its amateurs crowned MMA Champions. John Gilbert won the Welterweight Champion title, Phil Patrick is the new Lightweight Champion and the Academy’s senior children’s coach Rachael McLeod is the new Ladies Champion.

Academy head coach Neil McLeod paid tribute to his team. He said: “All the fighters trained really hard for these events and it showed with many of them now moving on to semi-pro and pro competitions.

“The UKMMA league is a great stepping stone for fighters to test their skills before moving on to bigger fights.”

Newly-crowned welterweight champ Gilbert is currently taking the MMA world by storm, having fought three semi-pro fights and winning them all by armlock submission. Other fighters who are moving up the semi-pro ranks are Ben Underwood, two wins no losses and Chris Morrison, three wins no losses. Rachael McLeod was booked to fight her first semi-pro fight in May but due to an ACL knee injury which requires surgery she will have to wait.

Neil added: “All are looking forward to next season which begins in September and we hope to bring back more belts.”