The Ansar is no as ref misses out on Olympics

Aylesbury Tae Kwon Do expert Ansar Mahmood
Aylesbury Tae Kwon Do expert Ansar Mahmood
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A TAE kwon do expert who single-handedly landed Aylesbury the chance to host the sport’s world championships has been overlooked to referee at the London Olympics.

Ansar Mahmood, who championed Aylesbury’s successful bid for the Tae Kwon Do Worlds – seeing off competition from New York, Paris and Cairo in the process – says he is ‘upset’ at missing out on London 2012.

Ansar was one of five tae kwon do officials from England vying for selection, with none making the cut.

“Everybody is upset and very disappointed,” said Mahmood.

“I’m still shell-shocked and dismayed that none of our guys will be involved.

“It is such a shame that there won’t be any English referees at our home Olympics.

“It’s such a dream to take part in the London Olympics and now it won’t happen.”

Keith Evans, Tom Stanmmer, Tony Bosra and Ian Leaf were the other refs hoping to get the call, and Ansar said he was shocked at the decision.

“I am most surprised Ian Leaf wasn’t selected.

“We thought he was a certainty. He’s probably the best referee around.”

Mahmood is officiating at three major international tournaments in March starting with Germany this weekend before moving on to Eindhoven and Alicante.