Tennis courts open at Ickford

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A new tennis court in Ickford has been officially opened by Ickford Combined School’s headmaster.

Fred Ellis opened the proceedings by thanking all of the people and organisations who had helped in raising the money to make the project possible.

Grants had been received from Aylesbury Vale District Council, Buckinghamshire Playing Fields Association and the Community Leaders Fund and donations were given by Waitrose, Ickford Play Equipment Group and residents in the village.

The remaining funding was raised by events organised by the Village Hall Committee, including a Race Night and a Quiz Night and a sponsor a hole in the net collection.

It is hoped to promote an interest in tennis and to give everyone the opportunity to have a go at playing the game. Many families have already registered to play and the school has been given the use of the court for one afternoon a week.

County councillor Michael Edmonds spoke of the need for people to be involved in their communities.

Ickford Village Hall was built more than 60 years ago by the men of the village and following generations have worked to provide the recreation area, children’s play equipment and now the tennis court.

He hoped that the school children, as the next generation, would continue to support their community.

The children from the school then gave a demonstration of their tennis skills on the court.