Stardom awaits for Oakley racer

James DeHavillande is following in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton
James DeHavillande is following in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton

Oakley’s karting sensation James DeHavillande looks set for a career at the top as he secured a deal to follow in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton.

The 14-year-old has been given a place in the 2011 WSK Masters Series, which is where Hamilton, Jenson Button and other young F1 drivers made their name.

DeHavillande said: “It is really good because the top Formula One drivers went through the same level as what I am going into.

“I would love to go into a career with motorsport and if you want to make it you have to be in this competition.

“It doesn’t mean you will definitely make it but if you don’t do it then you can’t show the big sponsors that you are worth backing to go into cars.”

In order to be able to compete in the event, DeHavillande is still looking for another £60,000 of funding.

So far he has received a grant of the same amount from Birol, but due to the five-race series taking place in Italy the cost is a lot more.

The Aylesbury Grammar School pupil, who has already got a contract with Birol for 2011, will get a chance to raise some of this money in the Autosport International Show at the weekend as DeHavillande will be doing demonstrations to show what he can achieve.

It is the biggest motoring show in the UK and the teenager cannot wait to be apart of it.

DeHavillande said: “I am representing Easykart UK and they only picked three people, so I am pleased that I am one of them.

“A lot of people go to it so it is a good opportunity to speak to people and hopefully get sponsors – if people are looking for young karters then this is where they go.”