Shooting star Stanley is skeets ahead of the rest

Stanley Baughan in skeet shooting action for Team GB
Stanley Baughan in skeet shooting action for Team GB

Shooting star Stanley Baughan has reflected on another superb season which saw him qualify for his first junior GB Olympic Skeet squad selection.

The Westcott shooter, 19, travelled to Suhl in Germany for the European Championships where he took on 47 countries as part of a three-man junior GB team, coming sixth overall.

The former Waddesdon pupil was 17th junior overall, a remarkable achievement considering he is unfunded and was up against fully funded and supported world class professionals.

Stanley has been helped in his pursuit of Olympic greatness with the opportunity to practice at the new Olympic Skeet range at E.J Churchill courtesy of Rob Fenwick and is grateful to John Lambert of GE Lambert Engineering who is going to help support Stanley.

The Reading University pupil has already shot in his first qualifier for a GB squad place in 2014.