New dawn for the Ays with chairman in place

The Ays are driving into a new era
The Ays are driving into a new era

Aylesbury Rugby Club have elected a new chairman after holding an emergency members’ meeting.

Clive Woodfall, who has been a member at the club since 1988, was voted in as chairman at Ostlers Field after running unopposed.

Confusion reigned last month after an internal power struggle saw two of its executives, Dean Gray and Phil Bowden, sidelined, with Gray refuting suggestions he had resigned.

However, Woodfall who has worked with the Ays youth teams, is now hoping that the club can get back on track.

He said: “It’s not been the club’s best few months. But there’s a lot of good stuff going on.

“There’s a lot of good stuff happening in the youth section and a lot of new people at the club who are keen to get involved.

“It’s a challenge but one of the things I want to do is to organise people and get everyone on the same hymn sheet and pulling in the right direction.”

Woodfall added that Gray, who remains involved with the club, was one of the first to congratulate him on his election.

He added: “I have socialised with Dean in the past. It’s just one of those situations which evolved.”

Off the field the Ays, who have 600 members, have been undergoing a major £500,000 redevelopment of the clubhouse and various facilities.

At times the build has been plagued by the difficult weather conditions but club secretary Derek Spence said matters are ticking along nicely.

He said: “We are not quite finished but we are in good shape. We had the RFU in to have a check on progress and they were pleased with it.”