Miller time for England as ten pin bowler Lee strikes international call-up

Lee Mille Picture: Mark Stanborough
Lee Mille Picture: Mark Stanborough

Forget 30 years of hurt, England’s ten pin bowlers want eight years of success and they’ve called on Aylesbury’s Lee Miller to help them achieve it.

Ten pin bowling has been part of British culture for more than 50 years and attracts thousands of players.

This weekend, the cream of the crop will form teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Guernsey and Northern Ireland as they travel to hosts Ireland for ten pin bowling’s prestigious Triple Crown competition, which England has won since 2004.

Miller, 29, has been bowling since he was just nine and is excited about joining up with the England squad, not least because it makes for great conversation with people who don’t know if his involvement in the sport.

He said: “Whenever somebody new finds out I play for England at bowling there is usually an appreciative but shocked and confused look on their face.

“Most people do not realise there is a competitive side to tenpin bowling, especially in this country, so it is nice to educate people about the game and help promote the sport.

“Qualifying for the squad went better than I could have dreamed of, in my first year competing nationally at adult level I qualified for the England squad by playing in only 10 of the 16 ranking tournaments.

“The top 12 bowlers in the country were selected to join the 2012 squad, I ranked eighth and was delighted to be selected to compete in Ireland.

“My scores that helped me qualify for the England selection were high, I really hope I can repeat the good form in Ireland and help England retain the Triple Crown.

“I’m honoured and excited to be part of a talented young team this year, I would love to win gold, however there will be a lot of pressure on us to retain the crown.”

Lee makes at least four overseas trips every year, competing on behalf of England or on his own.

Back home he works for TalkTalk telecommunications who sponsor his efforts.