Mark Webber: ‘Monaco isn’t as tacky as you might think ...’

Mark Webber
Mark Webber

MONACO is still ‘the one to win’ Mark Webber said ahead of the race this weekend.

The Red Bull star suffered in Spain last time out and could not compete for points so has slipped down the overall standings after a series of fourth-place finishes.

But with none of the drivers staking their claim for regular grand prix wins, the title is still wide open and Aston Clinton’s most famous motorist is ready to go again.

“It’s (Monaco) a hugely challenging racetrack, to the extent that you’re not really racing other people; it’s you against the track,” Webber said.

“You get away with nothing, which means you’re more concerned with the circuit than the people around you.

“If it doesn’t rain, the grip level increases throughout the weekend as more rubber goes down.

“You have to get your head around that because it’s difficult to know how much harder you can push from one session to the next.

“It’s also a real momentum weekend; you need to be on a roll going into qualifying and that means exploring the limits in practice.

“There’s always a great atmosphere at this race. When you walk from the paddock to the pitlane everyone on the hill is shouting at you.

“That’s something we don’t get at other venues and the interaction with the fans is very enjoyable.

“I’m not big on all the glamour, but the Monaco Grand Prix is a unique sporting event. It’s not as tacky as you might think; they do it right, although you wouldn’t want every race to be like this.

“I tell people that if they’re going to go to one race, they should go to Monaco.”

Mark’s first F1 podium came at Monaco in 2005. He finished third, five seconds behind his Williams team-mate Nick Heidfeld.