It’s snow joke! Brilliant boarder Becky wins yet again!

Becky Menday
Becky Menday
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Teenage freestyle snowboarder Becky Menday said she was ‘really stoked’ to win her age category at the second leg of the Westbeach ‘In and Out’ Rail Jam competition.

This event was held at the Waddesdon youngster’s home slope at Snozone ‘indoor snow slope’ at Milton Keynes.

The event which lasted for four hours consisted of a rail jam format with competitors from all over the country battling it out for spots in the semi-finals, and then the super finals.

The marathon event took its toll on many riders with the long hours of competing slowly reducing the field and many of the younger riders were very tired by the time the super finals were over.

Thirteen year old Becky put on a solid and stylish last run which was enough to see off her competitors and she walked away with first place and a huge array of prizes.

Becky said: “This was a great competition and I am so glad it has come to my home slope.

“Although it was a long time to be snowboarding, everybody was having so much fun that the time slipped by. We were all tired by the super final, but the standard of riding was super high and the adrenaline of riding such a fun park set up kept everyone so excited.”