Great Scott! Amputee golfer’s ‘emotional’ victory

Amputee golfer Scott Richardson
Amputee golfer Scott Richardson

Amputee golfer Scott Richardson says he was ‘emotional’ after winning the mens singles tournament at Stockwood Park at the weekend.

Richardson, 42, of Bishopstone Road, Stone, won a dramatic play-off to seal the victory in what was a landmark moment in his life.

Amputee golfer Scott Richardson, from Stone

Amputee golfer Scott Richardson, from Stone

The former motorcycle racer was taking part in his 10th race at the famous Isle of Man TT in 2000 when he lost grip on the track and crashed into a barrier at 100mph.

He said: “I don’t really remember anything about it. I woke up four days later without my leg and thought ‘this is big, I’m lucky to be alive. This is part two of my life’.”

The father-of-two’s fortunate escape got even luckier two weeks later when he was ready to be flown to a hospital back home. Transferred to an isolation ward Mr Richardson was due to board a light aircraft ambulance flight until he was informed his seat had been assigned to another patient.

That patient and his wife never made it home as the pilot on board the air ambulance suffered a heart attack crashing into the River Mersey,

Mr Richardson added: “I’m lucky to be alive, I was so lucky not to be involved in the plane crash. Five guys from that race came home in coffins.

“I think I’ve used up most of my nine lives.”

At Stockwood on Friday Richardson laid some of the ghosts to rest. Playing against a 20 handicap player, to whom he conceded four shot, Richardson had a three-hole lead after the 14th. But he capitulated to lose the next three holes, bringing the score back level on the 18th.

He explained: “There was nerves from both of us, we each hit poor drives, but both recovered to hit bogey five’s on the final hole, causing a 19th extra play-off hole.

“By now the continual rain had soaked both us and the course, as well as dramatically reducing visibility. Nevertheless, I thankfully sunk a three foot putt for par, just enough to take victory, it was very emotional!”

This Saturday Richardson is getting married, which he says will be a ‘breeze’ in comparison!