Golfers have got a fairway to go to match young Jack

Two is the magic number: Jack Nuttall at the scene of his fantastic achievement
Two is the magic number: Jack Nuttall at the scene of his fantastic achievement
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It was just another ordinary Sunday at Weston Turville Golf Club with several members of the Junior Section playing the monthly stableford competition.

The Juniors are the most competitive players in the club, and have no fear when it comes to shot making.

And so it proved when 15 year old Jack Nuttall arrived on the 17th tee, a par four measuring 364yds and the fifth hardest hole on the course.

Young Jack knew he had a good score, and nervously set up to hit a long drive down the narrow fairway.

But he only succeeded in hitting the ball miles into the air with it just landing on the fairway.

Looking at his next shot, over 270yds to the green, most golfers would play it safe and hope for a one over par bogey which would at least keep their card going and avoid a disaster.

However, a junior golfer playing safe was not part of the game plan.

Jack picked his driver out of the bag and went for the most difficult shot in the game, a driver off the fairway.

Taking a deep breath Jack hit the shot perfectly, missing the water on the left of the green and the ball finally rolling up the bank at the front of the green towards the flag.

“That’s close” said his playing partners, and they would be right.

As the group approached the green Jack’s ball was beside the flag, and as they got closer, the ball was wedged between the hole and the flag.

After a little wiggle of the flag, the ball dropped to the bottom of the hole. A two on a par four hole is rare indeed, and with a shot on the hole Jack recorded a nett albatross.

Needless to say he won the competition and had his handicap reduced to 15 as a result. A day Jack is unlikely to forget in a hurry.