Driving into a new era: Ay’s set to compete with the best with new facilities

The Ay's club house is six to eight weeks from completion
The Ay's club house is six to eight weeks from completion

Aylesbury Rugby Club are set to prove they are hard workers both on and off the pitch when they unveil their new refurbished clubhouse, built with their very own hands.

The Ay’s have been located at Ostler’s Field in Weston Turville since the 1960s with little work to improve the facilities taking place in the past five decades.

However, chairman Dean Gray said that is all set to change when they unveil the £500,000 alterations, which they took over building themselves in May, in six to eight weeks time.

He said: “It’s a massive thing for us. It’s effectively a complete refurbishment with only a couple of walls standing from the original build.

“It means the club will be there long after I’m gone as chairman. It’s all pretty positive.

“When we are completed we will have one of the best rugby facilities and sporting facilities not just in the county but probably beyond.”

The facilities will include six new changing rooms, a club hall which will be able to cater for almost 200 people, a new bar and a complete landscaping of the club.

While the Ay’s have received funding from the RFU towards the build, Gray was keen to stress the club’s own dedication to the cause with more than £100,000 raised by members and the refurbishment being done within the club after they parted ways with their builders

“The money we have found has come from members and what we have done at the club.

“We sort of felt it was easier to manage it with club people who have club knowledge to deliver the facility.

“When we needed the direction to go in we just felt it was the best direction at that time.

“The key development is the whole thing. You can really see the whole club coming together.

“It will be an amazing facility. People have been at the club their whole life and they completely buy into the whole thing.”

Gray said the new work would prove key to stabilising the club’s finances and getting their income back to what it once was.

However, the chairman did say they had faced several difficulties with the work, most notably the weather and taking on the work themselves.

“The weather really hasn’t helped us, it’s delayed us by about six weeks.

“There is still a fair bit to be done and I fully appreciate some people’s frustration of the progress we have made thus far.

“I think however we have to appreciate the time being given up by club members to support the build, whilst still continuing with their own jobs and family.”

Gray added that they have had to change the scope of the project several times but that he was looking forward to seeing the end product.