Difficult season but Ays boss is positive ahead of next year

Aylesbury Rugby Club coach Dave Larham
Aylesbury Rugby Club coach Dave Larham

Aylesbury Rugby Club coach Dave Larham believes the Ducks will be challenging for promotion within the next three years.

It has been a transitional season at Ostlers Field with the Ays finishing sixth in the Southern Counties North league under the stewardship of Larham for the first time.

The club has undergone a rebuild both on and off the pitch with a multi-million pound clubhouse being built and confusion reigning supreme after club chief Dean Gray was removed from his position.

But despite the distractions Larham said the future looks bright for the club.

“Every week we got better and better. On the training pitch we were doing some great things,” he said.

“Apart from quite a heavy defeat at Beaconsfield most our defeats we have come within one or two points of the top sides.

“It’s quite positive for next season. We hope we have laid the foundations for next year. I do know what it takes to get out of the league.

“We will scare a few teams. We want teams to go ‘oh no we have to travel to Aylesbury’. That almost started to happen this season.”

Larham said it was his aim for his players to enjoy their rugby and take the field with a smile on their faces.

But at times a lack of squad depth has been exploited by other sides.

Larham added: “We lost Rhodri Webster mid-season and he was quite an influential fly-half.

“To lose him was a bit like England losing Jonny Wilkinson. Jonny Burgess came in and played fly-half and made it his own.

“But I need someone to challenge Jonny for that shirt. Our second team definitely needs to gain more support.

“We have got some work to do there to give them a little bit more quality.”

“We lack a little bit of experience. We do need a bigger squad.”

Looking ahead the coach said he could not wait to team up flying backs Gary Horne and Harry Jackman who rarely enjoyed outings together due to injuries.