Cyclone beat Wingrave by single point

Thame Cyclones won by a single point in a tense game
Thame Cyclones won by a single point in a tense game

Thame netball team the Cyclones beat Wingrave Rockets 21-20 in a closely fought match.

As expected it was a fast-paced start from the Wingrave youngsters but Thame managed to match the pace.

Excellent defending from Jean, GK, in and around the area kept pressure on their shooters who were then struggling to get their eye in.

There were a high number of turnovers in mid court in part due to umpires being unusually hot on calls.

Wingrave managed a lot of interceptions but Thame shooters Lynne and Vanessa had the edge with their finisings and kept their cool to put their side 6–3 up after the first quarter. Second quarter and Wingrave made some changes. Fast -aced again, and neck and neck.

Wingrave were not able to finish though and Thame still kept the edge with excellent under pressure shots from Vanessa and Lynne. End of second quarter 11-8 to Thame Third quarter and Becky came on and had a stormer.

This was a nail biter and very evenly matched. Thame kept getting great interceptions along the court and forcing more turnovers.

Wingrave started to show frustration with their footwork slipping and obstruction starting to creep in.

Then the Cyclones’ curse of the foot struck again and downed Kelly though she was fighting to be let back on.

A quick change with Amy back on and the pace continued Wingrave’s GS suddenly had her eye in and the teams were swapping goals. Wingrave edged ahead for the first time in the match leaving the score 16-15 to Wingrave in the third corner. Both teams started the fourth quarter where they had left off. Swapping goals and end to end again. The crowd could not breathe with only one goal in it most of the way through.

Wingrave were getting desperate and pulled for obstruction with their arms up tactic backfiring.

Thame defended deep and determined and the last minute was unbearable to watch as the ball was being batted between the two ends but then bell went and Thame had won it by one goal.