Confusion reigns in Aylesbury Rugby Club power struggle

Dean Gray
Dean Gray

Confusion reigns at Aylesbury Rugby Club after it emerged an internal power struggle has seen two of its executives sidelined.

Club chief Dean Gray and the club’s chairman of rugby, Phil Bowden, have been removed from their respective roles at Ostler’s Field.

But while the club’s official line is that Gray resigned from his position, the former chairman insists he and Bowden were asked to resign in line with club constitution after votes of no confidence.

When asked to clarify the situation, club secretary Derek Spence said: “Dean has recently resigned as chairman.

“We’re putting the organisation back together at the moment and we have a general meeting coming up where a new chairman will be elected.

“We’re sorry to see him go, he has been a servant of the club for a long, long time but these things happen.”

However, Gray refuted the suggestion he had simply resigned and says the board of directors at the Weston Turville-based club were behind the decision.

“I didn’t resign,” Gray said.

“There are articles in the constitution which haven’t been followed.

“In line with the club’s constitution the board have asked myself and Phil to resign, they told us to resign which is effectively a vote of no confidence.

“We’ve only ever had the best interests of the club at heart but I think the whole thing could have been handled a lot better.”

Off the field the club is nearing the end of an extensive £0.5m regeneration project which has been overseen during Gray’s tenure.

While there is nothing to suggest the current state of flux at Oslter’s Field puts any of those plans or the project’s progress under threat, Gray admitted it was disappointing.

“I think it is fair to say the timing could have been better and that’s what a lot of the members are saying as well.

“They (the club) have actually asked us to go to a meeting to clear the air.”

Speaking about Gray’s situation further, Spence added: “He’s still a member of the club and he was here at the weekend. As far as I’m concerned there is no bad feeling, it is just one of those things.”

The club’s general meeting has been planned for mid-February.

Meanwhile, the Ay’s lost 26-7 to Alchester at the weekend.