Club slams ‘idiots’ who drove on pitch

Damaged caused as 'idiots' drive across the first XV pitch
Damaged caused as 'idiots' drive across the first XV pitch

Volunteers at Chinnor Rugby Club are grouping together to repair damage caused by ‘idiots’ over the festive break.

A 4x4 drove across the first XV’s pitch, causing considerable damage. And on the club’s website it slammed those culpable as ‘idiots’ before going on to say: “If this was caused by a member of the club, then we all hope that you have a crap Christmas and really, really bad 2011.”

It has meant is that the Friday Club volunteers have had to put in even more time to repair the damage and make the pitch playable.

Steve Halson, who leads the club, said: “We will be looking at the damage and see what we can do.

“The trouble is we cannot do much because the grass won’t grow at this time of year – all we can do is fill in any indents in the grass until we get to the growing season.”

The damage should not cause any problem to players during a match, but only because it was done when snow was on the pitch. Had there been no covering, then the indents could have presented a serious problem to those at the club.

Halson said: “The snow and ice acted as a sort of barrier so it would have been different if it happened after the thaw.”