Brilliant boarder Becky breaks arm and still wins

Becky Menday gets some big air
Becky Menday gets some big air

Teen snowboarding sensation Becky Menday is a literally a record-breaker after she took first place in an under 16 event despite fracturing her arm.

The competition was to be a jam session format with an under 16s category for both freestyle snowboarders and skiers.

Becky Menday

Becky Menday

But, unfortunately for Becky after a few runs, she had a nasty fall from a tall rainbow feature on to the unforgiving dry slope surface.

The youngster had to be taken to the local hospital for medical attention and an X-ray.

Scans revealed a possible fracture to her lower left arm and she was strapped up before returning home.

However, amazingly the freestyle starlet had had done enough in the competition to take first place in the under 16s category and she was full of praise afterwards for all those who helped her after the fall.

She said: “A massive thanks to everyone who rushed to my aid, and to the slope for their excellent first aider.

“I am really stoked to win first place but not so stoked about my broken arm.

“Hopefully it will heal quick and I can get back on my board as soon as I can.”

Becky’s proud dad Jeff hopes that could be sooner rather than later after confirming she had not yet been put in a cast.

“It was a good and bad weekend for Becky. She is to be X-rayed again in a weeks’ time once the swelling has reduced.

“She has not been put in a cast yet which is good news, as it maybe that the fracture is not very serious.”

Despite nursing a sore arm and feeling somewhat groggy on the night of her win, Becky was delighted when her prizes were delivered to her later that same day.