Boarder Becky is on fire at Jam ... almost literally

Becky Menday
Becky Menday

Waddesdon’s 13-year-old freestyle boarder Becky Menday survived a fire scare on the dry slopes of the Farmers Jam at Norwich Ski centre to record yet another win.

This event attracts some of the best snowboarders and skiers from across the country, with some even coming from as far afield as Aberdeen.

It was her first ever slope style compettion on an original dry slope surface and she took first place without major incident.

That was until the evening, which proved to be a little too eventful for Becky’s liking as some hay bales caught fire close to her tent and she was rescued by firefighters and repositioned at 2am.

Despite a lack of sleep she threw down some cool runs, including front and back 360s to secure second place on the podium.

Becky said: “I like to be on fire when I am shredding, but not so much when I am sleeping!”