Aylesbury get back to winning ways against Drifters

The Aylesbury scrum drives over the try line     PHOTO: Mark Bannister
The Aylesbury scrum drives over the try line PHOTO: Mark Bannister

After a week off due to water logged pitches Ay’s were able to get back into league action at Ostler’s Field with a 17-7 victory over Drifters.

Ay’s started well and looked to be in control of the game.

They were rewarded with an early penalty chance close to Drifters posts but due to a mix up with getting the kicking tee onto the pitch in time, James Woodfall found himself having to do without and the easy kick was off target.

It wasn’t long before Ay’s did manage to get their first points on the score board through a try from winger Mike Durose. By this time the wind was starting to gust strongly and Woodfall’s touch line conversion was never going between the posts. But Ay’s now had the 5 point lead.

It was at this point that Drifters began to get back into the game. A kick and chase resulted in a try for the visitors and with the extra 2 points from the conversion in front of the posts they took a 5-7 lead which they maintained going in to the half time break.

The second half saw Ay’s dominant in possession but simple errors were resulting in scoring chances being missed.

It was Ay’s powerful scrum that eventually provided the next score as they drove over the Drifters try line allowing number 8 Gary Horne to score the try.

Woodfall successfully kicked the conversion to put Ay’s back in front at 12-7.

With the final play of the game, Ay’s scrum half Adam Moore took advantage of a penalty close to the Drifters try line to force his way through the defence to score. With the wind by now howling across the pitch, Woodfall’s conversion attempt was blown off course.

It ended 17-7 and after their two-match losing streak, the Ducks were able to celebrate their first win of a new year.