Aylesbury boxing teen Shafqat shows no fear ahead of fight with paratrooper

Aylesbury boxer Shafqat Khan
Aylesbury boxer Shafqat Khan

YOUNG Aylesbury boxing star Shafqat Khan is not daunted by the fact his next opponent is a 25-year-old soldier.

Seventeen year old Shafqat is due to take on his as yet unnamed opponent in Luton on February 6.

The Aylesbury College student, who hails Amir Khan as one of his idols, is confident his superior speed and technique will help him defeat an older, stronger and probably fitter opponent.

“I don’t know his name yet. All I know is that he is a 25-year-old paratrooper. That means he will be super fit and pretty strong.

“He’s fought six times and won five. I’ve fought five and won four, so he’s slightly more experienced than me.

“I’m confident as I always am. I’ve beaten people his age before. Most fighters tend to prefer fighting people their own age. I don’t mind who I fight.

“I want to fight as many people as possible while I’m an amateur in preparation for the next tournament in November time.

“I will win this fight.”