Alpha looking odds on to be crowned the kings of the pins

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As the first season of bowling away from Jardines nears its conclusion, Alpha look likely to emerge as champions of the Monday Handicap Doubles League with a lead of 26 points.

The Goodfellows sit second, 12.5 points ahead of Fallin Apart, who they beat 14-6, while early season pacesetters Dogs Bollox fourth. The Dogs were this week’s highest scorers with Andy Smith rolling 638 and mark Richardson 616 in their comprehensive win over The New Boys. Rob Crocker made 627 for The Red Arrows in defeat to Alpha for whom Keith Bishop made 606. The Refreshers thumped a poor Team Gowland.

Storm Force beat The Screwballs 14-6 and Little and Large also had a surprise win beating The A Ties 12-8.