Alpha in command after A Ties victory

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With only three weeks left in the Monday Handicap Doubles League, leaders Alpha have stretched the gap to second placed Goodfellows to a commanding 17 points.

Fallin’ Apart are a further 20 points behind.

This week Alpha thrashed The A Ties 20-0 with Ian Bishop rolling 682 and father Keith 643. Goodfellows were also well served by Mick Caputa with 672 in their 16-4 win over The Screwballs. Just for a change Neil Craske led Fallin’ Apart to a 15-5 win over The New Boys while Dogs Bollox in fourth still have a chance after their 16-4 win. Both bowlers, Jack Stone and Mark Richardson, hit 600s.

In the remaining matches Duncan Ford hit 604 but it was not enough to save The Refreshers from defeat to Red Arrows and Storm Force beat Little and Large 13-7.