‘All-in-one club is just too much’

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SPORTS reporter James Perkins visits the Oxfordshire Golf Club to see if the ‘world’s first ever’ 33-in-one club really works.

It was the club that promised everything but in reality, delivered alarming little.

To form a driver, iron and putter all-in-one simply proved to be too much.

Its biggest flaw was the quality of the driver, which lacked any power behind it and did not disguise the fact your were essentially driving with an iron.

Add to this the inability to extend the shaft and you were left with a club that goes away from the natural motion of using a driver.

The three wood wasn’t much better but gladly there was an improvement when it came to using it as an iron.

It did feel like I was using an ordinary club and I can see the ability to change irons is a useful one, especially at its target market of an amateur player.

But with its failure as I driver I can’t quite find the need for it.

You will always need to carry at least a driver and a three wood, so why not go one further and put a set of irons and a putter in the golf bag you will be carrying around anyway.