Historic Cublington to celebrate its landmark 150th anniversary

Cublington are a 'typical' village club
Cublington are a 'typical' village club

What do Cublington Cricket Club, Wisden Cricketers Alamanack, the Football Association, London Underground, the Gettysburg Address and the creation of Hampshire, Yorkshire and Middlesex Cricket Clubs all have in common?

They all share sesquicentenary as Cublington get set to celebrate their 150th cricketing year this weekend.

As part of the landmark anniversary, the club is playing a two day, two innings per side match on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday against Swanborne, against whom the village played its first known match in 1863 according to newspaper archives.

Cublington are also holding a Black Tie Ball in a marquee at the Orchard Ground on Sunday night (May 26).

Club chairman Niall Mackay says the club is a ‘typical English village set up’.

“I don’t know whether those moustachioed players in their waistcoats one hundred and fifty years ago, with their oiled bats and bamboo reinforced pads, ever thought about life in 2013 but, if they did, I’m sure they had no doubt that cricket would still be around and still be played in Cublington,” he said.

“Of course life has changed since 1863 – maybe not always for the better – but village cricket is still pretty much what it was then.

“It’s still driven by volunteers and still competitive on the field and friendly off the field. Cublington is a typical English village and the Orchard Ground is lovely.

“The cricket club look after the whole area and it’s one of the things we do to show that we are still part of village life.

“With the help of various grants and a lot of hard work, we have gradually transformed it from a field to a superb recreational area.

“All year round, you can see children playing out there and people walking their dogs.

“We are celebrating our anniversary in style, with a two-day match against a Swanbourne team.

“We have guest teams coming to play during the season and we will hold a less formal celebration for all club members during the summer.

“It’s a big year for Cublington Cricket Club,” he added.