Will ID cards rid Aylesbury’s biggest league of ringers?

A11 Week 45'MCBH'DP'Football - Elmhurst V Bierton (ADL) played at Fairford Leys
A11 Week 45'MCBH'DP'Football - Elmhurst V Bierton (ADL) played at Fairford Leys
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EVERY player in the popular Aylesbury and District League will be required to have photo identification in order to take to the field under proposed new legislation.

The rule, which would come into operation next season if approved, is being considered as a method of protecting teams from those fielding ineligible players from higher leagues.

The new law would mean it would be more difficult for an unsigned player to pose as a previously signed person on matchday.

A special meeting is due to be held on March 15 to discuss the introduction of ID, with all clubs affiliated to the league set to attend.

Nial Pritchard, of Britannia United, one of the league’s top sides, said: “It will certainly add an unwelcome level of administration but if it stops clubs not based in Aylesbury from fielding ineligible players then it’s a good thing.”

Kirk Garbutt, who manages Bedgrove Dynamos, one of the biggest clubs in the league, said it could be a good thing but that certain questions would need to be answered.

“It seems to me a good thing because hopefully it will clamp down on players who are ineligible from playing, which is something that has been happening quite a lot at the moment.

“We had a game this season where we had suspicions about a player but when we told the referee he said we had to take it up with the league.

“We knew he wasn’t who he was saying he was but we had no proof. Hopefully this will change that.

“Another point is that the league might consider giving the referees more power so they can deal with problems on the day.

“Overall I feel it is a move forward for the league as it will protect the teams.

“At the start of the season it will cause a lot of paperwork issues but when the season is up and running, or perhaps in a few years time, it will run smoothly.

“The main thing is that teams are getting protected.”

One factor which concerned Garbutt was the implications the ID cards may have on signing new players.

“At the moment you are allowed to sign up to three players on matchday. I would be interested to see how that would be affected.”

The meeting at Aylesbury Ex-Servicemen’s Club on March 15 (which starts at 7.30pm) cost implications will be explained and the league committee will be happy to answer any questions.