Thame Youth’s promotion party

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Thame Youth U12s were celebrating on Sunday after securing promotion with a 5-1 victory over Holtspur Utd.

Their season held a proud record of played 16 won 10 drawn 4 and lost only 2 games.

This was due to some solid defending and also some outstanding performances from goalkeeper Jack Pinnell. and top scorer for the season was Kasper Spragg.

Other stand out performances came from right back George Dunn and Luke Eldridge, who played in most positions on the pitch.

Team: George Butler, Harry Butler, Nathan Allsop, Jack Pinnell, Nathan Douken, Billy Ryan, Luke Eldridge, Will Bruce Morgan, Will Hayes Maule, Kasper Spragg, Charie Greehough, George Dunn, Ethan Baker, Oliver Perring