Reffing hell for the ADL?

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The Vale’s biggest football league was left frustrated yet again at the weekend as fixtures were called off to leave 1,500 local players kicking their heels.

And there could be further cancellations this weekend after it emerged there is a lack of referees available.

Aylesbury Vale District Council took the decision to cancel all games as early as Friday.

And a spokesman for the ADL said most were fully supportive of the postponements.

“The general club feeling about last weekend’s early postponements were that it was the right decision despite the snow melting and the sun shining come Saturday,” the spokesman said.

“The aim has to be not to ruin the pitches for the rest of the season.”

The weather is not the issue for this weekend but finding a referee for all games is. A number of regulars are unavailable but the league is looking at solutions.