Let’s settle this over a pint

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Bucks Herald editor Roger Hawes is re-opening the long-running debate over the future of football in Aylesbury.

What is going on with Aylesbury and its football clubs? The town and villages have had a great history supporting Aylesbury United since its formation in 1897. And while enduring the ups and downs of the beautiful game it was, until six years ago, a relatively famous non-league club with a good ground and potential to play Conference football.

Of course all that changed following the club’s eviction from the Buckingham Road ground in 2006 and the failure of a merger with the then Aylesbury Vale to secure a new home ground.

I am told that disagreements over team colours and personality clashes were to blame. Ok, stuff like that happens but the formation of two clubs was, and is, a disaster for Aylesbury.

The historic club United, now playing in the SML Premier league, doesn’t even play in the town, forcing the diehard fans miles up the road and even into another county.

Its counterpart Aylesbury FC is at least local and now the senior side but it has none of the history that all clubs should nurture and thrive on.

Both sides are struggling and at this level it is hard enough keeping one senior Aylesbury team on the go, let alone two.

I say enough is enough. It is time for those who really want to recapture Aylesbury’s footballing passion to sit down and talk it out. Every town needs its flagship club, doesn’t it?

There have been various stories in the past about Aylesbury United hoping to move to a ground as part of the Aylesbury College redevelopment but that has so far come to nothing.

Aylesbury United and FC get gates of around 150, although I am told there are a lot of ‘sleeping’ fans for United who don’t go any more since they started to play out of town.

So what is the answer? Perhaps a shake of hands and a pint in the pub.

What do you think?