FC boss: ‘I need that fox in the box striker’

New Aylesbury FC manager Craig Faulconbridge
New Aylesbury FC manager Craig Faulconbridge

Craig Faulconbridge has brought in two players and hopes to add to that as he continues his search for that ‘fox in the box’ which he says will help Aylesbury FC start to win matches.

While the boss commended his current strikers for their effort and workrate, he insists he must find someone who can stick the ball away on a regular basis.

He has brought in Jamie Connor from Maidenhead, who scored on his debut at Beaconsfield and now AFC Hayes forward Kirk Malaise.

Ahead of Saturday’s trip to fellow slow starters Woodford United, Faulconbridge revealed he has also made a number of seven-day approaches for more players.

He also insists his side must come away with three points, and he does not care how they get it.

“What I need is someone who can put the ball in the net, someobody who is going to be a bit of a fox in the box for us,” he said.

“Woodford are down there with us for a reason, we need three points and I don’t care how we get them.”