FA TROPHY PREVIEW: Moles boss warns players again over attitude

Craig Faulconbridge
Craig Faulconbridge

Aylesbury FC boss Craig Faulconbridge has once again warned his players to improve their attitudes or face the consequences as they visit North Greenford United in the FA Trophy today (Saturday).

FC lost 4-3 to bottom side Chertsey last weekend off the back of a fantastic winning run and the Moles boss said complacency had crept in.

Before their recent run of victories, Faulconbridge had rebuked his players for a dismal start to the season and he is hoping the threat of a similar reality check can spark a fresh run of form.

He said: “I could see from before kick-off (at Chertsey) that our attitude was not quite right.

“Just the players body language looked flat.

“It felt as though some players thought that all they had to do to win was just turn up. We started very nervy, Chertsey got some confidence and we got what we deserved.”

Faulconbridge added that his players were punished for their arrogance.

He said: “We went in with the wrong mindset, we looked vulnerable throughout and ultimately we were punished.

“If I have to suffer another performance like that again, I will seriously have to think about another shake-up.”

The Moles did put in a much improved performance against Dunstable Town in the Red Insure Cup on Tuesday night but still lost 1-0.

The game against North Greenford United kicks off at 3pm.