EXCLUSIVE: FC boss lands major new Academy deal with college

Aylesbury FC boss Craig Faulconbridge is all smiles after landing a major new deal with Aylesbury College
Aylesbury FC boss Craig Faulconbridge is all smiles after landing a major new deal with Aylesbury College

Aylesbury FC boss Craig Faulconbridge and his coaching company Advanced Sports Limited has landed a major partnership with Aylesbury College to launch a brand new football academy based at the club.

Faulconbridge hailed the deal as a first of its kind in the Vale and said it will bring the leading education provider together with the premier football team in the town.

The former Coventry player said the course will provide a high level of education, professional training and sports officiating, potentially leading to significant job opportunities for 16-19 year olds in the Aylesbury Vale region.

In a statement released on Tuesday, an excited Faulconbridge said the true focus was on becoming not just the centre of the football community but a ‘resource for all’.

The course will be hosted by Aylesbury Football Club and will use the community facilities available at the Haywood Way stadium for the foreseeable future, this will allow the course to develop within the community and provide the best possible standard of education in line with the level already achieved by Aylesbury College on their other courses.

The Moles boss has also set his sights on producing both the next generation of coaches and players through this system.

The statement read: “Having spent 5 years at Coventry City, 2 years within the YTS scheme which was essentially the forerunner to this new academy system, along with three years as a professional footballer at the club, Craig went on to play at various levels within both the English and Scottish league structures and he understands both the need to receive professional coaching, but to have the academic ‘safety net’ if dreams don’t become reality.

“Craig’s career was cut short due to injury and if it were not down to the qualifications obtained through this type of academy course Craig wouldn’t have been able to pursue a career in coaching and sports education. He now wishes to bring this to another generation of students within the Aylesbury Vale community.”

The new course will be delivered over two years and includes NVQ’s, VRQ’s and FA coaching qualifications and is open to all 16-19 year old students.

Enrolment enquiries can be found at ASL website or FC website

For more on this development and for further club reaction see next week’s Bucks Herald.