Chairman says FC are the club for Aylesbury ahead of provisional Ducks and council meeting

Danny Martone (left) with FC manager Craig Faulconbridge
Danny Martone (left) with FC manager Craig Faulconbridge
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Aylesbury FC’s chairman has outlined his plans for the club as former neighbours Aylesbury United continue to push for a return to the town.

The Ducks currently play in Leighton Buzzard after being evicted from Buckingham Road in 2006 and recently agreed to provisionally meet with Aylesbury Vale District Council and discuss plans to come home.

However, FC chairman Danny Martone, who met with MP David Lidington and councillors Michael Beall and David Thompson, said it is about time the Moles were given more credit.

Martone said: “Now we have spoken to the council I think they have realised how much we do for the town.”

The chairman said the club held their first development coaching sessions last week and had almost 150 kids from schools across the Vale attend.

He also added the club had plans to improve its youth and ladies football.

Finally, the chairman said he wanted to ‘stabilise the fan base’ while looking possible new stadiums and aiming for the conference in five to six years’ time.

However, he remained critical of the Ducks.

“They used to be famous in the 80s, so what? England won the World Cup in 1966.

“What have they ever done for Aylesbury? When was their money ever reinvested in schools?”

However, Ducks chairman Graham Read said:“They have got to concentrate on what they are doing and stop worrying about us.”

Read reiterated the Ducks wanted a new sporting facility for the whole town.

He added: “Clubs hire a room here and there. Just think if you brought all of that under one roof.”