Boss wants to hang on to FC job and push club on

Aylesbury FC crest
Aylesbury FC crest

STEVE Smith wants to keep his Aylesbury FC side up, then he wants to keep his job so he can aim for the stars next season.

Smith, who was appointed after the departure of Mark Eaton earlier this season, speaks passionately about the club where he hopes to lay down some roots and push on to bigger and better things.

Speaking of plans for the remainder of this season and hopes for the next campaign, the former keeper said there is no reason why the Moles cannot challenge at the right end of the table.

He said: “I hope to add quality players to the team and we have already identified players we want to bring in.

“But the first thing to do is to sit down and make sure I still have the job next season.

“This season has been a bit up and down. But it would be nice to bring some players in and shape the squad and be judged on a team I have put together.

“I am sure we could aim for the top of the table, why not?

“I have seen the teams in this division and once we add the quality we want to and with the squad we already have then we could aim for the top 10 for sure.”

Smith certainly seems to enjoy his first role in management and is always keen to tackle problems head on.

After their 3-0 defeat to Uxbridge on Saturday, and a performance he felt unacceptable, Smith kept them in the changing rooms for half an hour for a ‘heart-to-heart’.

But he insists such meetings are a collective thing.

“We open it up to the players and they were saying the same things as us and backing up what we were telling them,” he added.