Aylesbury FC boss fumes after game is called off and festive chaos looms

Aylesbury FC manager Craig Faulconbridge
Aylesbury FC manager Craig Faulconbridge
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Craig Faulconbridge says his side face a ‘testing time’ over Christmas after hitting out over the 11th hour postponement of Saturday’s match at Daventry.

The FC squad had already arrived at the Daventry ground before the game was called off. But Faulconbridge says the match should have gone ahead.

“I thought it was definitely playable!” the FC boss said.

“Nowadays clubs would rather call a game off but they should be forced to get the games played and be fined if they don’t.

“Now we have to travel there on a Tuesday night and it upsets any rhythm we’re trying to build up and it’s why we struggle for any consistency.

“The games will start to stack up now and it will stretch us and be a very testing time over Christmas.

“It is very frustrating for all of us!” he added.