ADL clubs warned about faking player ID cards

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Teams and players in the popular ADL football league have been warned about ‘faking’ new player ID cards.

In a statement on its website the league’s committee says clubs and players will be punished ‘when’ they are caught.

A spokesman said: “It has come to our attention that some clubs are falsifying registration forms by faking signatures and downloading photos from the internet.

“This will not be tolerated and clubs will be punished accordingly.

“It is also believed clubs are trying to doctor ID cards. Every Registration is being monitored and you will be caught out.”

Meanwhile, the league secretary has contacted the Berks and Bucks FA about a number of players who are still showing as “suspended” on the County authority’s website.

A spokesman added: “Teams and players must remember the changes are per game not over a set weekly period and club secretaries must tell their FA which games players have specifically missed.

“Only then will they remove the player’s name.”

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