‘A place to call home can help us to next level’

Ducks boss Tony Joyce
Ducks boss Tony Joyce

UNITED manager Tony Joyce believes he can push the club on to another level if they can get their own ground and training facilities in the future.

The Ducks have been playing at Chesham and more recently Leighton Town in groundshares since being evicted from Buckingham Road in 2006.

After a turbulent few years Joyce, working under chairman Graham Read, has steadied the ship and got the team upwardly mobile again.

Conceding that there is little more than pride to play for during the remaining matches this season after Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to fourth-place rivals Haringey, Joyce said a place to call home will boost their future chances.

“I think we’ve done okay overall to be honest,” he said.

“We’re groundless, we haven’t got our own training facilities that we can call our own but the chairman is always looking at every avenue for us where we can maybe do something.

“Hopefully we’ll get something sooner or later and then we can start to push on to another level.”

To do that Joyce said his side must win the games they are expected to when it matters.

“To win a league you have to win all those games, the ones you would expect to win.

“When I look back, we had that period in October that I’ve mentioned before, where we lost two or three games we shouldn’t have.

“At that time we also lost a few players right out of the blue without having the chance to line up some replacements.

“So that affected us.

“But, we regrouped and since Christmas we have had a great run of form really.”